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- BOJ Wall-Mounted Corkscrews

· Traditional and Modern Wall-Mounted Corkscrews

I got a Model 110 but most of my wine bottles don’t fit.

Where are the Wall Mounted Corkscrews made?

What are the differences between the Traditional and Modern styles?

If we buy the model that comes with the wooden backing, do we have the option to remove the backing and mount it without a backing?

What size screws and anchors did you use to mount this?

Can I mount it on drywall / sheetrock?

Could we mount it outdoor?

What kind of worm carry the Wall-Mounted Corkscrews sold in the United States and Canada?

How can I regulate the penetration depth?

What is the safest resting position for the handle of this wine bottle opener?

· Parts for Wall-Mounted Corkscrews

Are replacement parts available?

What type of worm should I choose?

How can I replace the inner mechanism?

How can I replace the worm?

How can I replace the holder in my 110 modern style wine opener?

· Troubleshooting

I cannot keep the handle in the upright position

The worm pushes the cork down into the bottle

The cork is not removed completely from the bottle, even in the lower position

The worm breaks the cork apart rather than pulling the cork out of the bottle

After Sales Service

It is difficult to place the bottle in the holder of my modern style 110 wine opener

- BOJ Commercial Can Openers

· NSF Certified Commercial Can Openers

Where are the Commercial Can Openers made?

What does NSF certified mean?

· Troubleshooting

After Sales Service

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