BOJ LUX "Vintage Inspired" Bottle Opener (Handheld) Cellar Type Corkscrew

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    • New model LUX coated with luxury automotive paint. We use high grade automotive paint to obtain a unique luxury finish.
    • "Vintage inspired" wine opener, exceptionally designed with professional quality in mind.
    • Ideal for restaurants, bars, cellars, wine tasting rooms and to give a professional touch to home bars.
    • Easy to open wine bottles with efficiency. The metal screw that goes into the cork is a milled spiral, not a twisted wire.
    • Made of stainless steel and zamak in Spain. Founded in 1905, BOJ is the manufacturer.
    • Simply flip the top bracket one way and the corkscrew goes into the cork as you turn the handle. Once inserted, flip the bracket and the same turning pulls out the cork.