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AVIAIR Pure Sense Portable Electrolyzing Sanitizer Maker Spray Bottle - Multipurpose Household Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Machine


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[SIMPLE OPERATION] : Uses electricity to transform regular tap water plus salt into an all-natural disinfectant that is as effective as diluted bleach solution, can be applied on multiple surfaces to disinfect but leaves no toxic residue.



[SMALL AND PRACTICAL]: Easy to operate, effective cleaning and provide a healthy environment for you and your family. This product is designed to generate disinfectant solution. Do Not drink!

[SCOPE OF APPLICATION]: Can be used in indoor disinfection, human body disinfection, children's toys disinfection, pet disinfection, clothing disinfection, air disinfection and other occasions.

[SAVE $ AND TIME]: With 400ml of normal tap water plus 1g of table salt, this electrolyzed water will save you lots of money from buying traditional disinfectants only with a walk to the kitchen.

[HIGH-QUALITY]: Grade A plastic material AVIAIR technical electrodes and patented semi-automatic sprayer with fine misting. Food Grade PP/ ABS/ PC/ Silicone.

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