Knife Sharpener BOJ & 1 Protective Cut Resistant Glove Level 5 - Ergonomic Handle and Wheel Sharpening System

SKU: 12126G

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  • EFECTIVENESS: The BOJ manual knife sharpener is a tool so effective you will have a razor sharp knife in just a few strokes. Valid to sharpen a chef knife, also known as cook´s knife, and to keep the cutlery sharp.
  • TOUGH AND ERGONOMIC WITH A SOLID DESIGN: Ergonomic, with a portable design and easy-to-grip handle with hanging hole. It works well for both right and left handed people. Long 4 ½ “ handle designed to prevent cuts. It will give you many years of great service and will not fall apart even when dropped onto a hard surface.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Knife sharpening becomes easy with this patented system has been used for years and years.
  • VERY EASY TO USE KNIFE SHARPENER: Habitually used as a chef knife sharpener, only one stage is needed. Run the knife blade between the two rollers repeatedly back to front and the BOJ manual knife sharpener creates a razor sharp edge in seconds. This portable knife sharpener is designed to maintain a sharp cutlery. This sharpener is designed to sharpen steel knives, ceramic knives should not be used with this sharpener.
  • MADE IN-HOUSE FOR DECADES: Founded in 1905, BOJ is the manufacturer and this old fashioned knife sharpener is made in-house in our workshop in Spain for decades.
  • INCLUDES ONE (1) protective cut resistant glove level 5 certified.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: the glove can be used on each hand.
  • CUT RESISTANT GLOVE MATERIAL: polyethylene, glass fiber, spandex. Lightweight, machine washable, snug fit to your hand. Level 5 cut resistant.


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